What to Take to the
Annual Pruning Party at the
ARS American Rose Center

February weather in Shreveport is unpredictable. We suggest you consult the weather services on the internet to see whether Shreveport is going to be sunny and warm or cold and damp. Dress accordingly.

Pruning tools:

_____ pruners
_____ folding saw
_____ loppers
_____ blade sharpener
_____ gloves
_____ bucket or cart to haul your tools around

_____ sun glasses
_____ First aid kit with band aids
_____ hat
_____ nylon windbreaker in case it is damp
_____ light jacket in case it is cool
_____ extra socks in case it is damp
_____ sun tan lotion unless you have already developed your summer glow!
_____ knee pads
_____ bottled water
_____ lip balm
_____ aspirin

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