2004 World Champion Pruners
of the American Rose Society

February 21, 2004, was the First Annual World Championship of Pruning, held at the American Rose Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.

In a closely fought contest, the team from the Houston Rose Society edged out the team from the Golden Triangle Rose Society to take the first ever World Championship of Pruning.

The timed event rated the pruning techniques of each five-member team. The pruning was judged on both speed and excellence of pruning technique. Each team pruned 20 floribundas and 30 hybrid tea roses. In addition to speed of pruning, the judges considered whether the pruning cut was properly placed to encourage proper new growth of the plant, whether all dead wood was removed from the bushes, whether crossing canes were removed, whether the bush was properly opened in the center and whether the bud union was properly groomed.

The American Rose Society's World Champion Pruners for 2004, representing the Houston Rose Society, are:

Donald Burger
Gaye Hammond
Deanna Krause
Earl Krause
Maria Trevino

The Houston Team plans to return in 2005 to defend their world title.

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