How to Become a Consulting Rosarian
by Baxter Williams, Consulting Rosarian Chair for the South Central District
of the American Rose Society

There have been several informal inquiries about attending the South Central District Workshop in January, 2002. It will qualify as an official Consulting Rosarian School, and those who are qualified and wish to participate in the training, and then take the CR Test at the end, are given this opportunity to do so right here in Houston. So that you will understand the dynamics of becoming a CR, please note that there is a procedure for doing so, and there are some time considerations. Don't delay.

The formal process starts by making application to become a CR. There are forms to fill out, and Letters of Recommendation to acquire, and Applicants must do so in advance of the School date. Here is the process:

* You can download the necessary forms right off this webpage or you can call, write, email or FAX your request for the forms to -

Baxter Williams, CR Chair
2502 Leprechaun Lane
Houston, TX 77017-7320
713-944-3437 phone
713-944-0317 FAX

* You will receive an Application Form, and a Letter of Recommendation Form, and an Instructions to Applicants. Fill them out, and follow the instructions thereon.
* Make four copies of the original Application. Return the filled out original Application to Baxter Williams immediately, and send a copy of the Application stapled to the back of a Letter of Recommendation Form to at least three people who are knowledgeable of your rose growing experience, asking that they be your referencers.
* You will receive the responses from your referencers in sealed envelopes. Do not open them. When all have been returned to you, mail them forward to Baxter Williams.
* You will receive a Notice To Proceed form, which you will present to the Chair of the CR School (who, for this event, is also Baxter Williams).
* Register for the January SCD Winter Workshop/CR School right away - seating is limited. A Registration Form can be downloaded from the Houston Rose Society website, "".

You are encouraged to attend this important event, even if you do not wish to become a Consulting Rosarian. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear very special speakers present horticultural information on worthwhile topics; and you will meet the top rose enthusiasts from all over Texas and Oklahoma.


New Application Form

Letter of Recommendation

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