HRS Booth at Home and Garden Show:
What We Do

Don't be afraid to volunteer to work the HRS booth.

We try to have six people at the booth at all time. In years past that would include at least two Consulting Rosarians.

That means that if you get a hard question, you just call over a consulting rosarian. But most of the questions are basic ones, and you should be able to answer them if you have been growing roses for a year or more.

We hand out literature to the public, answer basic rose care questions and try to sign up as many people as possible as new members of the Houston Rose Society. This is your chance to let people know how easy it is to grow roses in Houston. And have a great time meeting the public.

Don't be shy about volunteering. The more volunteers we have, the easier on everyone. We need your help, and you will have a great time. Come join us at the booth.

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