Sign Up Schedule for
HRS Booth at the Houston Home Show

Our goal is to have six volunteers at the booth at all time. Two people sign up new members and four people greet the public and direct the public to the two people taking memberships (and dues/money).

The Show starts Friday and continues Saturday and Sunday.

Tours of Duty are four hour stretches. That give you plenty of time to see the show before or after you help at the booth.

Friday, March 18, 2005:
  • 2 pm to 6pm:

    Baxter W.
    Bernadette S.
    William G.

    5 pm to 9pm:

    Baxter W.
    Mary B.
    Maria T.

Saturday, March 19, 2005:
  • 10 am to 2pm:

    Baxter W.
    Ken St. C.
    Nancy St. C.
    Maria T. Samina M.

    2 pm to 6pm:

    Dan L.
    Patti L.
    Alice P. (noon to 4)
    Paul W. (noon to 4)
    Carlos R.
    Baxter W.

    6 pm to 9pm:

    Karl A.
    William G.
    Galt M.
    Shirley M.

Sunday, March 20, 2005:
  • 11 am to 3pm:

    Baxter W.
    Ed S.
    Ella T.
    Maria T.

    2 pm to 6pm:

    Baxter W.
    Maria S.
    Malcolm P.
    Elizabeth G.
    Maria T.

Breakdown, Sunday, March 20, 2005:
  • Breakdown is at 6:00 pm:

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